Allergies and COVID-19

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There are some relations that need to be made between the Coronavirus pandemic and allergies. For example, some medications can affect a person’s immune system, which may make them more liable to the more serious signs and symptoms of COVID-19, should they contract the virus. Most anti-allergy medications do not affect immunity, however this doesn’t mean that this doesn’t happen with some medications. If you are at all worried, you should consult your doctor or allergy team. The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America have stated “Antihistamines do not suppress the immune system. There is no reason to think they would increase your chances of getting a virus or a bacterial infection.”

If you are self-isolating and can’t get the required medications, you must arrange for someone else to buy over the counter drugs for you. You may also be able to arrange for prescriptions by mail from your pharmacy to help you if you know in advance that you need to self-isolate.